My Guiding Principles/Manifesto

I am a change agent.

I am social engineer working for the common good.

I believe positive and progressive political change is possible.

I will persistently make the ‘seemly impossible possible’.

I am part of a team that is helping to ‘rethink the purpose of education’ across Africa.

I am part of a team that will bring socio economic change and progress to the continent of Africa & beyond.

I break barriers and ignite possibilities.

I love being uncomfortable, when I start to play it safe, someone should slap me really hard.

I consciously find opportunities to ‘lean into fear’.

Quotes I Live By

‘Go where you are needed, not where it is easiest.”- Anon

‘I rather be an amateur politician than a professional civilian who will not dare to even think that change is possible in the political system.’- Omotola Akinsola

‘Sometimes, failure comes around and it knocks you down, you gotta get back up when it knocks you down.’ – Omotola Akinsola

‘It takes energy to act but it’s more draining to bury your anger, convince yourself you are powerless and swallow whatever is handed over to you. Instead of sitting around, get involve in something meaningful, YOU, make your life count’ – Peter Knutson

‘I used to want the words She tried on my tombstone. Now I want She did it.- Katherine Dunham

Be part of the solution wherever you find yourself.

I cannot wait to meet you.

You can follow Omotola Akinsola on Twitter @Tripleola


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